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TheraTapper™: includes pulsers,
2 wires, and bag.

Repl Wires
Replacement Wires: includes 2 wires.

Pulser Unit
Pulser Unit: includes 1 pair pulsers and 2 wires.

Replacement Pulsers: includes 1 pair pulsers.

T.A.S.P.E.R. Therapist Aid for Sensorimotor Processing for Emotional Release

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Book 2009
DNMS Book 2009: The Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy – An Ego State Therapy for Healing Adults With Childhood Trauma and Attachment Wounds

DNMS Flipchart: Client communication aid

DNMS Client Brochures

Webinar 1: Ego State Therapy Interventions to Stabilize Your Most Wounded, Belligerent, & Dissociative Clients

Webinar 2: Ego State Therapy Interventions to Prepare Your Most Wounded, Belligerent, and Dissociative Clients for EMDR

Webinar 3: Interventions for EMDR Therapists: Helping Dysregulated, Dissociative Clients Learn to Self-Soothe

Webinar 4: How to Calm Your Sudden Surges of Overwhelming Painful Emotions – A Self-Help Webinar


Demonstration Videos:
Actual client sessions

Navigator: Handling Controlling Reactive Parts

Complete DNMS Home Study Course: includes all 7 modules

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Module 1: DNMS Background and Overview

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Module 2: DNMS Ego State Therapy Basics

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Module 3: DNMS Resource Development Protocol

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Module 4: DNMS Switching the Dominance Protocol

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Module 5: DNMS Selecting Ego States for Processing

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Module 6: DNMS Needs Meeting Protocol

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Module 7: DNMS Overcoming Processing Blocks