Professional Consultation

Professional Consultation


Consider individual consultation with Shirley Jean Schmidt when you’re struggling with individual cases, or if you have many protocol questions. The cost is $100/hr for those seeking occasional case consultation. A deep discount of $85/hr is available for consultees who commit to 10 or more hours of consultation. This will be charged in two payments of $425 – at session 1 and session 6. After session 10 all sessions will be charged at the $85/hr rate. Consultation is available in person, by phone, and by internet video-conferencing on Go To Meeting.

To schedule individual consultation, send an email to Shirley Jean at or call her at 210-863-3694.


Consider group phone consultation when you have a few cases or questions, and when you want to connect with others who are also learning the DNMS. Participants prepay $100 for four 1-hour meetings ($25/meeting), for meetings with 4 or more others. Smaller groups cost a little more per person. Participants can join a consultation group by phone or by internet video-conferencing through Go To Meeting.

For information about when the consultation groups meet, send an email to Shirley Jean at or call her at 210-863-3694.