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The TheraTapper™

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A TheraTapper™ provides alternating bilateral stimulation (ABS) for DNMS and EMDR therapy. It consists of a control box connected to two small (hand-holdable) pulsers by six-foot wires. The pulsers vibrate in an alternating fashion to provide a gentle tactile stimulation which many find soothing and relaxing. The stimulation is comparable to the vibration of a pager or cell phone.

Features of Our Design:

   Six-Foot Long Disposable Wires
Never again send your tactile stimulation device in for repair when a wire breaks. When a wire wears out merely unplug it from the control box and the pulsers and throw it away! Buy your replacement wires from us – two sets for just $16.

   Easy-Grip Pulsers
2.4" x 1.25" x 0.6" oval pulsers – fits nicely into hands.

   Blinking LEDs
Real-time visual feedback about pulse length and rate.

   Adjustable Speed Knob
Controls the speed by adjusting the length of each pulse. The longer the pulse the slower the speed. The shorter the pulse the faster the speed.

   Adjustable Intensity Knob
Controls the intensity of each pulse by adjusting the amount of current behind each pulse.

   Adjustable Pause Knob
Controls the length of the pause between pulses. The no-pause setting is the fastest. Lengthening the pause slows the speed. The competition doesn’t have this!

   Uses Long-Lasting AA Batteries
Get over 100 hours of tapping on one pair of AA alkaline batteries.


Each TheraTapper™ purchased comes with an
extra set of disposable wires and a zippered
vinyl carrying case. Batteries are included.

Cost $105.00
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Spare Parts

Pulser Unit

A Pulser Unit is two pulsers attached to the 6-ft disposable wire. Our Pulser Unit will plug into computers running soft-ware designed for EMDR therapy, and into the competition's tactile device. Each Pulser Unit is sold with a spare set of wires.Only $44.


The pulsers are mechanical devices and can wear out. There is a one year warranty and if they fail to work within a year of purchase we will replace them at no cost to you. If it has been more than a year or you just need a spare set, the cost is $30 for one pair.

Replacement Wires

Buy your Replacement Wires from us or any store which sells stereo accessories. On our wires both pulser plugs are black. Most store-bought audio cables will have one red and one black plug. Only $16 for a package of two.

Warranty   Satisfaction Guarantee
One month warranty on the wire, and a one year warranty covers manufacturing defects on the control box and pulsers.   Customers who are not completely satisfied with their new TheraTapper™ may return it within 30 days for a refund minus a $12 restocking fee.

If you have any question, please contact us:

Our e-mail address:

Our phone number:    210.561.7881

Our fax number:         210.561.7806

Our mailing address:   DNMS Institute, 6421 Mondean St, San Antonio, Texas 78240

Tactile stimulation alone is a very effective modality for DNMS and EMDR therapy. When it's appropriate to add audio stimulation, we recommend David Grand's BioLateral CDs and tapes. 516.826.7996