Webinar 4 Info

How to Calm Your Sudden Surges of
Overwhelming Painful Emotions

A 80-Minute, On-Demand, Self-Help Webinar

You might need this self-help webinar if you…

  • experience relentless internal conflicts
  • wrestle with an irrational fear of abandonment
  • feel stuck in the past – especially stuck in childhood
  • hear a parent’s wounding message play over and over your head
  • feel as though a traumatic event from the past is still happening now
  • suspect your adulthood problems are connected to your unhappy childhood
  • react to stressful events the way a fearful, helpless, or angry child would react
  • If this sounds familiar, you probably have wounded child parts of self stuck in a trance, believing the painful past is still happening. And those wounded parts can get triggered in adulthood, evoking a sudden surge of overwhelming painful emotions. This webinar will help you understand why that happens – why you’re not able to shake off your painful past, no matter how hard you try. It will teach you how to dialogue with wounded parts to validate them, and to offer them loving support and understanding. It will show you how to orient wounded parts to present time, so they can finally come out of the trance that’s kept them feeling locked in the past. It will explain how the brain makes recordings of unkind people in childhood – recordings which can play back in adulthood. If someone’s unkind message is playing over and over in your head, it’s probably just an old recording. Explaining this to wounded parts can be very calming.

    A 10-page handout has helpful worksheets you can use to calm wounded parts when they get triggered. Use the worksheets often, until you’re able to calm wounded parts without them. Over time, those pesky triggering episodes will happen less often, they’ll have less peak intensity, and will resolve more quickly – leading you to the inner calm and peace you’ve longed for!

    Webinar Outline

           Childhood Wounding
           Parts of Self
           Getting Triggered
           Calming a Triggered Part
    Advance Preparation
           Mobilize Resources
           Anchors for Soothing
           Establish a Special Safe Place
    Calming a Triggered Part
           Worksheet Script
           Connect to Your Resource Team
           Attune, Validate, Empathize
           Orient to Present Time
           Explain About the Recording
    After Part is Calmed
           Invite Part to Settle In
           Benefits and Limitations

    Webinar Format

    The webinar is a prerecorded narrated slide show. It’s delivered on-line in 3 segments. Watch whenever you want, in whatever order you wish. Start and stop wherever you like. The slide shows are colorful, animated and fun.

    Here is a short sampling of the webinar:

    Webinar Presenter

    Shirley Jean Schmidt, MA, LPC, is a Licensed Professional Counselor, the founder of the DNMS Institute, and the author of The Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy: An Ego State Therapy for Healing Adults with Childhood Trauma and Attachment Wounds. She’s been helping heal clients with wounded parts or over 20 years. She’s has trained hundreds of clinicians in her DNMS model.

    Subscribe to the Webinar

    A single webinar subscription is $50.00 (in US dollars). To subscribe you’ll register and log in with a username and password, then access the webinar from My Account and My Content on the menu bar. Later, log in again to get you back to the webinar.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    If I subscribe to the webinar, how long will I have access to it?
    There’s no time limit. Access it as long as you have an internet connection.

    Is this material taught in a live training?
    Not at this time. Check back later.

    May I share my login id and password with friends and family so they can watch the webinar without me?
    You’re welcome to watch the webinar with friends or family, but sharing the login id and password is not permitted – it’s for subscribers only.

    Can I get a copy of the webinar PowerPoint slides?
    No, but the webinar handout should have everything you need.

    Can I get professional CEs for completing this webinar?
    No, but you can you can take a similar webinar for CEs. Go to www.SootheTriggeredClientsWebinar.com