DNMS Brochure

Client Brochures

This color brochure describes the DNMS in about 1800 words. It is printed on legal-sized paper, with laser-printer quality. Topic headings include:

  • Background
  • Getting Stuck
  • Parts of Self
  • DNMS Resources
  • The Healing Circle
  • Reactive Parts
  • Maladaptive Introjects
  • Getting Unstuck
  • How Does the DNMS Work?
  • Alternating Bilateral Stimulation
  • DNMS versus EMDR
  • What Can the DNMS Treat?
  • How Long Does the Therapy Take?
  • Published Research
  • About the DNMS Developer


Cost $15.00 for 25 brochures


Click here to see the first page of the brochure.

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