Client Praise for the DNMS

“Since starting the DNMS, I noticed it’s much more peaceful in my head. The part of me that used to react to any idea with ‘you can’t make me’ or ‘you can’t stop me,’ appears to be healed. What a relief. After addressing an issue with the DNMS, it no longer bothers me. I can remember the painful incidents clearly, but my negative emotional reactions to them are gone. This seems to be permanent.”

“The DNMS process truly has changed my life. Now, along with the awareness and ever-present help of the Resources, I can pretty much handle the day-to-day events in my life without falling back into old behaviors like raging, self-mutilation, and self-loathing. I have a deep gratitude for the DNMS process and my DNMS therapist.”

“It’s like I zipped off the costume that divided me in two. It’s easier to be myself and I’m starting to relearn the things I used to enjoy. I’m feeling more confident, taking better care of myself and being a little frivolous instead of super responsible. In a very short time after starting the DNMS, I found I could be nurturing toward the staff I supervise, instead of critical.”

“I can see that troubles are temporary now, and I get through them knowing they will pass. I am not worried about what my coworkers or family members think of me anymore. I do not feel like a failure or a phony. I feel GREAT about myself! I don’t have to reach for my Nurturing Adult Self anymore, it’s in me – takes the duality away and it is who I am. WOW, I love it!”

“My quality of life has improved as a result of the DNMS. What held me captive and made me depressed, my low self-esteem, and my fear are totally gone. My issues with feeling unworthy to express my feelings are also gone. I feel and know that I am strong, that I am good, that I am worth being taken care of and worth being able to speak up for myself.”

“For me, the DNMS was more successful than anything else I’d tried. It helped me rid my mind of the constant negative messages that were holding me back from going forward in life. Connecting to my Resources was the most powerful experience I have ever had in therapy, and you’re my fifth therapist. I never knew I could connect to my spiritual side so rapidly.”

“With all the other therapies, I felt like a failure because I wasn’t able to change when they said ‘just change the way you think about it’. I was doing a lot of window dressing and there were major foundational cracks. The more people I saw, and medications I tried, the worse I got. I wish I’d known about the DNMS a long time ago…it would have saved me 20 years.”

“The DMNS has strengthened my capacity to be self nurturing and protective, my capacity to set realistic boundaries, and my capacity to say “no” in response to others’ demands. As a result of working with DNMS, today I live with a stronger sense of reality. I no longer feel like a child trying to figure out the adult world. I’m in my authentic adult self more of the time.”

“Because of the DNMS, I’ve experienced dramatic changes in effect, both to the stimuli that previously bothered me and to my general level of tension. I’ve noticed that I no longer go around malls with my hands clenched. My breathing is now normal in places where there are a lot of new people. I have also noticed somatic relief from eczema and irritable bowel syndrome. I have more confidence.”

“The DNMS freed me from childish fears and unrealistic expectations. It taught me to slow my mind’s racing thoughts and to use the critical thinking skills I had, but were buried. Untangled from past blocks to maturity, my basic thinking patterns have been retrained, and while I still have many ‘adult’ struggles, now I maintain a positive outlook toward life and people. Where I used to run from life, I now seek new challenges.”