The Electronic Flipchart

This flipchart is a navigation aid for the DNMS interventions that help stabilize dissociative, attachment-wounded clients. This pdf “slideshow” displays text and scripts that guide you through various explanations and protocols. It will help you:

  •  Introduce DNMS ego state therapy to clients
  •  Quickly access scripts and metaphors
  •  Navigate steps for…
    •  Mobilizing Healing Circle Resources
    •  Mobilizing Provisional Resources
    •  Establishing a Special Safe Place
    •  Setting an Effective Therapy Goal
    •  Resolving Enmeshment

Hyperlinks within the flipchart guide you through the various protocols. Hyperlinks to online worksheets direct you to additional supportive materials for mobilizing Healing Circle Resources, setting therapy goals, resolving enmeshment, stabilizing wounded parts, clearing misunderstandings, and filling in missing information. Click here to see a sample flipchart. Use the flipchart when working with clients on-line or in-person. Use it on any device that can display a pdf. You can share your screen with clients or not.

MAKING A PURCHASE: The cost is $40.00. Purchase this from the device you plan to use it on. When you get to the CHECK OUT page, look for a download link. You can load the PDF on multiple devices that you own, but sharing with it with colleagues and clients is not permitted.

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