The Electronic Flip Chart

This electronic Flip Chart is the companion to the book Ego State Therapy Interventions to Prepare Attachment-Wounded Adults for EMDR. It provides an easy way for therapists to explain DNMS concepts to clients. It’s a pdf “slide show” that guides the therapist in:

  •  Introducing DNMS Ego State Therapy
  •  Mobilizing Healing Circle Resources
  •  Mobilizing Provisional Resources
  •  Establishing a Special Safe Place
  •  Setting an Effective Therapy Goal
  •  Resolving Enmeshment

This electronic Flip Chart has links to other pages within the chart for easy navigation. It also has links to online worksheets for additional support in mobilizing Healing Circle Resources, setting a therapy goal, resolving enmeshment, stabilizing wounded parts, clearing misunderstandings, and filling in missing information. It’s a perfect navigation aid for working with clients online. When you share your screen, clients can see the flip chart text and pictures. When you’re not sharing your screen, the text and scripts are easily visible in big print that’s easy to read as you guide clients through various interventions. If you’re working with clients in person, you can display it on a laptop or tablet for yourself or your client. The cost is $40.00.

Click Here to Preview the Electronic Flip Chart

MAKING A PURCHASE: Purchase this from the device you plan to use it on. When you get to the CHECK OUT page, look for a download link. You can load the PDF on multiple devices that you own. Sharing with it with colleagues and clients is not permitted.