Frequently Asked Questions About TheraTappers

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How can I get a longer wire?
The TheraTapper™ uses standard audio cables and plugs for both the pulsers and the headphones. You can use off-the-shelf headphone extension cables. Search for “3.5mm Male to Female Stereo Audio Extension Adapter Cable”.
Medical Codes / Insurance
We do not process insurance claims. We provide a receipt that you may be able to provide to your insurance company for reimbursement. As far as we know, there is no medical code for the TheraTapper™.
Do I need to be EMDR-trained to buy a TheraTapper™?
No. There are several therapies, not just EMDR, that use Alternating Bilateral Stimulation (ABS) as part of the treatment protocol. Therefore we sell to many different types of therapists. Instruction and training in the use of ABS devices such as the TheraTapper™ is the responsibility of the Therapists’ professional training.
Can my clients buy a TheraTapper™?
Yes. They can order directly from us if they indicate who recommended it. We do not provide instruction in the clinical use of the TheraTapper™, therefore it is the client’s responsibility to get that instruction from her or his therapist.
My TheraTapper™ is not working, what do I do?
The first step is to check this help page: TheraTapper™ Help. If that does not resolve it you can call us at the number on that page.
Where do I learn how to use the TheraTapper™
If you are a therapist, your clinical training is responsible for teaching how to incorporate Alternating Bilateral Stimulation (ABS) into your treatment protocols. If you are a client, your therapist should first determine that it is appropriate to use the TheraTapper™ on your own, and if so, will advise you how to use it.
Is there a warranty on the TheraTapper™
Yes, we guarantee the control box and pulsers for 1 year, and the wires for 1 month. Depending on the issue, we will repair or replace anything that isn’t working correctly.
How, and When, will my package arrive?
We use United States Postal Service Priority Mail for most packages. We ship the same or next day we get an order. USPS Priority Mail usually takes 2 to 4 days to arrive. If you want faster delivery, you can select “Priority Express” at checkout. If you place your order before noon, Pacific Time, you will usually get your package the next business day.
Do you ship outside the US?
Yes. We ship to many countries in the world. There are some countries we do not ship to because our products are not allowed through customs. Currently we use DHL Express exclusively. While this is not the cheapest option, it has proven to be the most reliable. Depending on the country where you receive your package, you may need to pay taxes and customs fees when you receive the package. We have no control over this.

Because of customs regulations we do not ship to Italy or Spain.