The DNMS Flip Chart

This Flip Chart is the companion to the book The Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy: An Ego State Therapy for Healing Adults With Childhood Trauma and Attachment Wounds. It provides an easy way for therapists to explain DNMS concepts to clients and colleagues. It’s an 80-page paper “slide show” that:

  •  Introduces the DNMS
  •  Explains parts of self
  •  Explains neural integration
  •  Explains alternating bilateral stimulation
  •  Describes the Resources and Healing Circle
  •  Describes Reactive Parts and Introjects
  •  Explains the Switching the Dominance Protocol
  •  Describes the Conference Room Protocol with text and pictures
  •  Describes the Needs Meeting Protocol with pictures


The Flip Chart comes in a 3-ring binder so you can add your own pages or tabs, or move pages around. The binder is engineered to stand up, so the pages can be flipped backwards. The cost is $40.00.

Click Here to Preview the Flip Chart