The DNMS Flip Chart

The DNMS Flip Chart provides an easy way for therapists to explain the DNMS to clients and colleagues. It is a 80-page “slide show” that:

  • Introduces the DNMS
  • Explains “parts of self”
  • Explains neural integration
  • Explains alternating bilateral stimulation
  • Describes the Resources and Healing Circle
  • Describes Reactive Parts and Introjects
  • Explains the Switching the Dominance Protocol
  • Describes the Conference Room Protocol with text and pictures
  • Describes the Needs Meeting Protocol with pictures


The Flip Chart includes lots of pictures to illustrate complex concepts. It is provided in a 3-ring binder so you can add your own pages or tabs, or move pages around.

The binder is supplied with a strip of vinyl that connects the front and back, with the back resting against some buttons. A binder clip is provided to stablize the binder as pages are flipped backwards. The cost is $40.00.

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Flip Chart
Flip Chart