DNMS Home Study Course Reviews

“Excellent self-paced learning program carrying the potential to teach 10 times as much as a 3-day course. This Course means that distance is no longer an obstacle to learning the DNMS. Studying at home (in New Zealand) at my own pace is a great way to master a complex subject like DNMS. With the comprehensive book, the visual and audio Slide Show presentation, the carefully crafted Study Guide, the listserv, and optional private case consultation with Shirley Jean – every learning modality is provided for learning the DNMS. The whole package is a masterful piece of work. Even though I’ve been doing DNMS for 5 years, I still learn something new every time I look into the Course materials. Since there are clients I simply could not help without the DNMS, I’m so grateful for her monumental personal effort and dedication to making the DNMS available in this way, and I am so glad that I don’t have to fly halfway around the world to get this knowledge now! I recommend this course to anyone interested in learning DNMS at their own pace. Shirley Jean has done a wonderful piece of work developing this Course. I would highly recommend this course as the best way to start learning DNMS.”

RICHARD HOLCOMB, Registered psychologist from Christchurch, NZ

“As someone who has been practicing the DNMS since 2000, I found the Home Study Course to be a great way to learn about changes in the DNMS model, and to sharpen my DNMS skills. The Course format, of slide shows and study guides, was the perfect way for me to explore the depths of the DNMS. The material was presented in a clear and precise way – much easier to digest than studying a book. I found the detailed guidance about handling protocol complications especially helpful. I really appreciate all the time and energy Shirley Jean has put into creating this Course.”

JOAN BACON, MA, Psychologist, EMDRIA-Approved Instructor and Consultant

“The DNMS Home Study Course is a very comprehensive over-view of an exciting modality. Although I have actively been utilizing DNMS with my clients for the past three years, I have found the Course to be additionally enlightening. It has been inspired by both valuable additions to the protocol, combined with more in depth understanding. The slide show presentation is extremely user-friendly, and I have derived great value from the written material. I believe this Course can serve as a great introductory means for clinicians who are interested in first learning this exciting and life altering modality. I would also recommend the complete Home Study Course to those therapists who have already attended previous trainings. Thanks again to Shirley Jean for all her efforts promoting meaningful and comprehensive healing to those who can benefit.”

BILL SOLZ, LCSW, CASAC, Private Practice, Bellmore, NY

“This course is a masterpiece! When Shirley Jean first said she was going to write a self-study course for learning the DNMS, I was doubtful as to whether such a multi-faceted therapy could be condensed in that way. I don’t learn well by just reading, and I had found the workshops of demonstrations and practice sessions invaluable. However, the course is so well structured, so complete, and so full of examples, including recordings of actual sessions, that I have continued to learn from it. And there is no chaff–each sentence carries important information. The best part is that it is always available, so I can easily look up something I have forgotten or catalyze my creativity when I am stuck with a client.”

SANDRA HELPSMEET, MS, LMFT, Private Practice, Eau Claire, WI

“The DNMS Home Study Course will revolutionize DNMS training. It is complete, thorough, and user-friendly. Through graphics, recordings of real sessions, study questions, slides, and printed material this Home Study Course is able to convey the complexity of the DNMS in a clear and learnable manner. It is well worth the investment.”

DONNA STANLEY, LCSW, Private Practice, Chapel Hill, NC/p>

“I just reviewed the first four modules of the Home Study Course and they were fabulous. I have purchased all three editions of the book, the flip chart and attended two full conferences and have practiced the DNMS intervention as intensely as possible for three years so I was not sure that I would find anything that warranted the new expense but I am so glad that I did and can’t wait for the other modules to come out. I cannot say enough good things about the clarity of the presentation. For someone beginning the study of this complex intervention, it will make it so much easier for you to learn and for someone who has been studying and practicing, it clarifies subtle nuances that should not be missed but easily can be in the learning process.”

PAM FARNHAM, LCSW, Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Peoria, Bloomington, IL

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