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This Yahoo Group listserv provides free support for psychotherapists wishing to develop their DNMS skills. List members can send and receive DNMS-related e-mails to and from other list members. Shirley Jean Schmidt provides input on most of the clinical cases presented. Even list members who do not post questions, benefit greatly by reading the questions and answers posted by others. Only psychotherapists who purchase the DNMS book or a webinar are eligible to enroll. To join, go to the Yahoo webpage for the DNMS list. There should be something to click on for joining the group. You will not be able to add yourself. But if you tell Yahoo you want to join, they will send us a notice so we can approve you. Yahoo will ask that you send a note to us. Please include the following information:

  • Your name.
  • Your psychotherapy license (SW, LPC, LMFT, or Psychologist).
  • Your license number.
  • The state/province where you are licensed.
  • Indicate approximately when you purchased the book or webinar

Discussion List Information and Guidelines

About the List

This list began in May 2002. There are currently over 850 DNMS list members.

List Mission

This list is a forum for discussing the DNMS. Related topics may be discussed briefly, but not extensively. This is not to diminish the importance of other topics. There are other e-mail lists better suited for other topics.

How to Post Messages

  • Address list posts to “”. Your message will be sent to all list members.
  • To respond to a message posted on the list, click on the “Reply to” button. The list e-mail address, “”, will appear in the “Send to” line of your post. Direct replies to list posts go to all list members.
  • To post a message to a SINGLE PERSON who mailed a post, click on the “Reply to” button, then DELETE the address “” which appears in the “Send to” line of your message. Then type in the address of the person you wish to send the post to. Check and double-check the person’s address before you hit “send.”

Posting Suggestions

  • If you are e-mailing a comment about a particular section of a previous post, quote what is relevant from the original message and delete the rest. In addition to the consideration of others, people will probably be more likely to read your message if they don’t have to sort through all the text from previous messages.
  • When replying to a previous message, please make sure the subject header is still appropriate. Sometimes the subject of a discussion changes while the subject header remains the same. Other list members may miss out on the discussion because the subject header does not adequately describe the content of the message.
  • Please do not write posts in all capital letters. It feels like being screamed at.

This is a Moderated List

All list members are approved. List members who abuse the list will be blocked from posting. But posts are not screened in advance. So when posting to the list, please be mindful to be courteous. Make sure your post is addressed to the intended recipient. If it’s meant for a single list member, make sure it’s not addressed to the whole list.

Posting Referral Requests

Post referral requests with your e-mail address in the body of the post, so responders can contact you directly. For example: “I am looking for a DNMS-trained therapist in City, State. Anyone interested, please contact me at” Be mindful not to include too much information about the client, to ensure confidentiality. The subject line of your post should include the city name, for example: “Referral request for City, State.”

No Personal Attacks

Personal attacks are not acceptable. Anyone who posts disrespectful comments will be blocked from posting again.


You are responsible for maintaining client confidentiality. Please disguise clients in any clinical material you post.

Get Permission to Forward Posts

Do not repost any message from this list to anyone else, or to any other mailing list, unless you have express permission of the message’s author. Also, descriptions of discussions taking place on this list should not be posted elsewhere without express permission of the moderator.

Posting Clutter

If you feel compelled to post a message like “Thanks for saying XXX,” “I agree with XXX”, or “I support XXX,” consider whether you should send the post to the person who impressed you. If you must send it to the list, please include some new information that all subscribers will find relevant.

DNMS List Footer

Check the footer of each post for helpful links and information.

Yahoo ID

With a Yahoo ID, you can change your account settings yourself and review all prior posts to the DNMS list. To get a Yahoo ID, go to, then follow the instructions for getting your ID. Then, make a bookmark of the DNMS Yahoo site, so you can review the archives anytime you wish. If you have trouble with this process, e-mail Shirley Jean at and she will send you a Yahoo e-mail that will assist you in the process. This is highly recommended!

Daily Digest Mode

List members can receive individual e-mails or a daily digest of e-mails. The digest summarizes all the day’s list e-mails in one e-mail received once a day. If you have a Yahoo ID, you can make the setting changes yourself, or e-mail a request backchannelto

Temporarily Suspending Your Account

If you have a Yahoo ID you can set your account to “No Mail” then back to “Individual E-Mails” whenever you wish.

Unsubscribing From the List

The instructions for unsubscribing appear at the bottom of each list post. It reads: To unsubscribe from this group, send an email to: If for some reason this fails to remove you, please backchannel Shirley Jean at It can take several days for Yahoo to process a removal request.

Changing Your Email Address

If you need to change your email address, email Shirley Jean at She will tell Yahoo to send a membership invitation to your new address. When you respond to that invitation, your new address will be added. If you have trouble unsubscribing your old address, Shirley Jean can remove it from the list.

Is Yahoo Mail Spam?

Some e-mail accounts will filter out Yahoo list posts after classifying it as spam. If you suddenly stop getting list posts, you may need to check your spam settings or contact your e-mail service provider.