The T.A.S.P.E.R.
Therapist Aid for Sensorimotor
Processing for Emotional Release

T.A.S.P.E.R. stands for Therapist Aid for Sensorimotor Processing for Emotional Release. It is a tool for helping clients process through painful emotions. When we’re physically or emotionally wounded, the body has an urge to fight or flee. When doing so is forbidden, or physically impossible, the urge to physically react gets submerged in the body – often for years. According to Peter Levine and Pat Ogden, a sensorimotor activity which engages the muscles while processing emotions, can help one shift from helpless victim mode to a sense of empowerment. The TASPER is designed to help one contact and release that physical or emotional tension.

The TASPER consists of two handles attached to a foot-bar with adjustable webbing straps. Clients pull on the handles, while pushing against the foot-bar, while feeling and processing through painful emotions. Clients may have a more complete resolution while using the TASPER because all the major muscles are involved. It’s a quiet alternative to beating a pillow with a bat. The price is $48.00.

Warranty: Coverage applies for 90 days from date of purchase, which includes full replacement for any manufacturing defects. The foot-bar is strong and unlikely to break with normal use. However, excessive force placed in the center of a bar might result in a break. Clients should be encouraged to place their feet toward the ends of the bar, not the center.