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TheraTapper™ Plus

Device for Tactile and Audio Alternating Bilateral Stimulation

Provides alternating bilateral stimulation (ABS) for doing DNMS or EMDR therapy. It consists of a control box connected to two small (hand-holdable) pulsers by six-foot wires. The pulsers vibrate in an alternating fashion to provide a gentle tactile stimulation, which many find soothing and relaxing. The stimulation is comparable to the vibration of a pager or cell phone. In addition, or as an alternative, the TheraTapper™ Plus can provide audible tones that can be played through the included headphones. The headphones come with long wires so therapist and client can remain at a comfortable distance.



Features of Our Patented Design
Six-Foot Long Replaceable Wires

Never again send your tactile stimulation device in for repair when a wire breaks. When a wire wears out, just unplug it from the control box and pulsers, and replace it! Your TheraTapper™ kit comes with a spare wire.

Easy-Grip Pulsers

2.4″ x 1.25″ x 0.6″ oval pulsers fit nicely into hands.

Blinking LEDs

Provide real-time visual feedback about pulse length and rate.

Adjustable Length Knob

Controls the length of each pulse. The longer the pulse, the slower the speed. The shorter the pulse, the faster the speed.

Adjustable Intensity Knob

Controls the intensity of each pulse by adjusting the amount of current behind each pulse.

Adjustable Pause Knob

Controls the length of the pause between pulses. The no-pause setting is the fastest. Lengthening the pause also slows the speed.

Headphones with Long Cables

Our headphones have extra long cables so client and therapist can sit at a comfortable distance.

Adjustable Volume Knob

Controls the volume of the tone in the earphones.

Adjustable Tone Knob

Controls the pitch or frequency of the sound in the earphones.

Uses Long-Lasting AA Batteries

Get over 100 hours of tapping on one pair of AA alkaline batteries, or use rechargeable batteries.

Ready to Use

Each TheraTapper™ includes everything you see here: The control box, pulsers, two sets of wires, and a vinyl zipper pouch. Batteries are included, so all you need to do is connect the wires and turn it on. Cost $148.00.

TheraTapper Plus

TheraTapper™ Replacement Parts
Pulser Set

Pulser Set

The Pulser Set consists of a pair of pulsers and two wires. These are recommended for anyone who travels a lot or lives outside the US, to ensure they have spare parts on hand in a timely fashion. Our pulser sets can also be used on other manufacturers’ tactile systems.
Some clients prefer to have a set for their exclusive use. You or your client can buy the pulser set. Each pulser set costs $44.00.

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Pulsers Only


The most common reason for replacing Pulsers is loss or catastrophic damage, such as from being used as a chew toy, or getting wet. A pair costs $30.00.

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TheraTapper™ Repairs

Rarely does a TheraTapper™ need to be thrown away! If something breaks or doesn’t behave as you think it should, call us! Or, check our troubleshooting page. If there is a problem with the control box, it can probably be repaired. The most common issues are broken switches, and broken or corroded battery clips. For other problems, we can usually address the issue over the phone or by sending you replacement parts, so please call before sending in your TheraTapper™ for repair.

Contact us if you have any questions about operating your TheraTapper™. We’ll help you any way we can.

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