Live Demo Webinars

A demo webinar is where a group of DNMS therapists meet regularly, via internet conferencing, to watch Shirley Jean demonstrate the DNMS with one of the therapists participating. This is usually on-going work on a single issue – often lasting many months.

The demo sessions are usually two hours long and meet about twice a month. The cost to join a group is $50/person ($25/hr) for 4 or more participants. Pay as you go. Join anytime, leave anytime. The audio track of each webinar demo session is recorded, and provided to all group members.

Participants can join the meeting by phone or internet conferencing, on Zoom. The internet conferencing option requires a high speed internet connection, a headset, and a webcam.

There are no on-going demo webinars at the moment. For information about joining a future group, send an email to Shirley Jean at